Cygnus-Belly Dance possible connection

I wonder IF ancient belly dancing has to do with astronomy information. It’s origin is hotly debated and clouded. ie. folk dances, related to childbirth, religious fertility rites, from India.

Crescent Nebula in Cygnus has two shock waves, one moving inward and one moving outward. Most of the star names in constellations (the bigger ones) are Arabic. Cygnus is “the HEN” in Arabic. One comment on belly dancer’s movements was related to birds, ie Dancer’s energy is lifted, light, like a beautiful bird preparing to take flight Interestingly, Swan in Sanskrit is Hamsa.

I would appreciate your “what do you think” comments.cygnus-belly-dance-pm


About cahwp00

worked for many years at USDA. love ancient civilizations-puzzles, etc.
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