gobekli tepe pillar 43 in turkey

Trg picture of cygnus gtdg

This image is of pillar 43 Gobekli Tepe Turkey. It has been enhanced by Richard Gabriel who is a whiz at bringing hidden features to life in the individual pixels.

It is best viewed at big screen or 300% zoom.

What I see in the circular object on the wing of main vulture is either Earth with double meteor impacts with debris rings or an owl face. Cygnus (the swan) constellation has 2 meteor showers (the October Cygnids-on the left wing and the Kappa Cygnids-on the tip of the left wing). Also there is an owl star cluster in Cassiopeia which is one constellation over from Lacerta (borders Cygnus).

Also, there are chevron markings on the eyes of the main vulture and a string of circles across the bird’s forehead which is similar to Jupiter comet impact string. It is obviously not a woodpecker so are the chevrons an older form of 8000 year old Vinca script or do they have to do with the V-shaped Hyades or what?

Why is Cygnus (the swan) depicted as a vulture? Is the main vulture eyeing Earth with double comet impacts, and as a result the dead animals? Why were the builders so obsessed with viewing Cygnus wing stars through (‘Soul Holes’ by Andrew Collins, book author). Was Gobekli Tepe a monument to those animals/humans that survived impact. Also would like to know IF  Hudson Bay was one of the bigger impacts sites. Some geologists believe it was but further back. They’ve found no credible evidence so far.


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worked for many years at USDA. love ancient civilizations-puzzles, etc.
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