intriguing words

Algonquin = Al  Kon(gold) Cuen(city) in Mayan

Cahokia = K’ok’ (ancestors) I (here/aqui) A (in the past) in Mayan


Vinapu (Easter Island) were there are 6 red heads breaks down into Maori as:

Whina (helper) Pu (wise person/originate) pu has many more meanings.

Sacsayhuaman just couldn’t break down into saxsa: keel/rudder, huaman: bird:

Could (fabled) Punt breakdown in Bolivia Aymara: puu (bag) nta (ending signifying ‘into’) ?trade. purses/communicator devices found in pix: Greece, Gobekli Tepe, Egypt, Dogon (rock art), Peru and Maya.

Ophir in Bible was said to receive shipment every 3 years of gold, silver, ivory (peru has vegetable ivory palm), sandalwood (peru has balsam), apes (monkeys) and peacocks (struck out, introduced after Spanish conquest).

I am trying to find out whether Peru was ancient Ophir. It has been suggested by other people. Sarania was the cities of gold. There is a Quechua verb: tsaran meaning to guard or protect. There is a archeological site called Pumac Yacun meaning Golden Cradle. It is roughly 130 miles NE of Cusco. Nearby is Chumbes and Ocros in the Ayacucho region which has gold mines. Saphir was another name for Ophir. Bhiru is Sanskrit for silver and has also been suggested as origin of word: Peru. Inca rulers titles include: Sapa (we, us) Inca and Intip (sun) Cori (gold). Wonder if it breaks down into: SA Phir (we, phir). Below is map of Chumbes area.

Still trying to break down Tiwanacu. In Quechua, T’iwu (sand), nacu (each other).
Did they sand down megaliths with diamonds? There are diamonds in Bolivia and also on the border to Brazil at Rongonia region and Mato Grosso.

Could Carnac stones name have origin in Scottish Gaelic: Karn (1525–35; earlier carn < Scots Gaelic: pile of stones; perhaps akin to horn) + ach. Do they have an astronomical alignment to the Pleiades. one meaning of ACH in Scottish Gaelic is exclamation: Alas!

Every 100 years on St. Sylvester’s eve (new year), the giant stones (Karnag) go to the sea to drink salt water. In their absence (in the hollow), gold & precious stones may be found. But take care, that the stones don’t crush on their return

Near Carnac, France is Auray region (gold) and the Crak’h people and river (devil).

Is origin of word Araucanas, Chile: Gold, Canak?

from Wiki, The name Patagonia comes from the word patagón used by Magellan in 1520 to describe the native people that his expedition thought to be giants. It is now believed the Patagons were actually Tehuelches with an average height of 180 cm (~5′11″) compared to the 155 cm (~5′1″) average for Spaniards of the time”.

Easter Islanders lits fires by Moai and prostrated themselves to the sunrise on the beach. Book by Bolton Corney, The Voyage of Captain Don Felipe Gonzalez…….

There are qypsies in Chile called gitanos. Some sub-groups are Korianura, Kawicis, and Khañarias. They are said to come from northern India in 1000ad. Among them are a lot of red hairs.

Arion is also associated with the origins of tragedy: of Solon John the Deacon reports: “Arion of Methymna first introduced the drama [i.e. action] of tragedy, as Solon indicated in his poem entitled Elegies”

There is another red-haired blue & green eyes tribe in Ecuador. They are the Waorani or Huaorani.

Food for Thought.
Hua is seed in polynesian. Orani is Polynesian family name, the Maori name for Dutch/Holland, Dutch man. Orani is also a town on Bataan, Phillippines and Hindu name for men’s wrapper (clothing). Ohana is family in Hawaiian. H and R are interchangeable in Hawaiian. Oranienburg is a town in Brandenburg, Germany. Is Oran i a corruption of ORION? Oran, algeria. Oran means ‘dark hair’ in Gaelic & English. O’ryan (Irish name). Oran, alternate spellings, orun, orunn – Scottish family name. Orion alternate spellings: “Arion,” “Oarion,” “Aorion”. Olorun, Yoruba god (ruler of the heavens). L,R interchangeable.

Is Wayu (qutu-bunch, Pleiades) Picchu the mountain, the llama and the people went to in order to avoid the 5 day flood? 500 meters higher than Machu Picchu and nearby too. Qillca (write, message) Qutu (bunch, Pleiades).

Will we find Inca gold at Choquepukyo (gold, spring/well/fountain). It’s in Piquellacta park. PiK (rather than que breaks down into shaft/tool) and LLacta is city in Quechua. Fits with Qori tika legend of princess (golden flower)that wanted water for her town and 3 prince es wooed her with aqueduct building effort. Sonqo Rumi won. ie. heart stone.

Is Charan, Peru the fabled Sarania (cities of gold) and is Peru or city of Piura is Ophir, the fabled land of gold. Gold and silver are mined in nearby Tumbes area.

here is also Pozos del Charan (wells) and Boca del Charan (mouth).

Bhiru is Sanskrit for silver. Saphir was other name for Ophir. Inca rulers titles include: Sapa (we, us) Inca and Intip (sun) Cori (gold). Wonder if it breaks down into: SA Phir (we, phir)

quispihuara (glass/mirror constellation).
hatun quyllur is Sirius in Quechua. big planet.
pichak unki is Orion in Quechua. you, sweep away/wind/waves
Quechua and Aymara symbolically meet on Colquepunku – silver gate
Punku’s (door/gate) – al lima (good), arku (arch – titicaca basin) uku (cloud)

ancient Egyptian name for Venus was Ba’ah or
Seba-djai. Quechua name is Chaska.

The 6-pointed star was the first sign or hieroglyphic of Amsu- the risen Horus – was the first man-god risen in spiritual form.

6 triangles is the Egyptian hieroglyphic for the Land of the Spirits.

Fair Isle skull and crossbones pattern, the X cross is also an Egyptian hieroglyphic for words: divide, count, break into parts and the Egyptian hieratic numeral 30:

an Cri athar is Pleiades in Irish. athur ai is Pleiades in Egypt.,

penglog in welsh mean slanting/sloping skull

chic kan is sky serpent in Maya – color red, direction east.

k’ok means fire in Mayan, coch means red in Welsh kok is Old Greek means red.

Orion is viewed as a drum in Japan. The tsuzumi drum used in Noh Kabuki is the same shape:

ruins at Yanaca, Peru some called fitu-rumi (7 (Polynesian),twin,couple,bird-rocks).

No fitu in Aymara or Quechua, there’s whitu and pitu.

quispihuara (glass/mirror constellation)

hatun quyllur is Sirius in Quechua. big planet.

pichak unki is Orion in Quechua. you, sweep away/wind/

Is the Quechua festival, Taytacha (god), qollyur (star) rit’i (snow) hinting at the Pleiades

Punku’s (door/gate) – al lima (good), arku (arch – titicaca basin) uku (cloud).

Quechua and Aymara symbolically meet on Colquepunku – silver gate.

Ta urua (have) nui (big) amo (carry on a pole/carry burden on back).

Achahu – canac (Scottish for red hair ) is God in Guanche (? 7 -Quechua Qanchi).

sin epe san in Ainu is 9. epe (long ears – Easter Island) and san (descend – Ainu).

oramoyou in Japanese means weather but you can break it down into:

Sora (sky) MOyou (figure). or Sora (sky) MO (sorrow) you (appearance). Mu in Japanese is 6.

KuMoai in Japanese means: look of the sky. KU means nine.

Quechua calls Easter Island Moai: rumi (stone) wanka (idols), ñisaq. ñisag = Hanan RunaSimi. high people tongue.

ruminawi – stone face in Quechua.

qispillu (vitrified glass) in Quechua.

Quechua: tiahua (seated) nacu (both).

Mayan glyph for ?Noh Ek (great star, Venus), is it a picture of the Yucatan Peninsula with meteor impact and ?tears:

mayan for life is IK.
Khima is name for Pleiades in the Bible and Babylonian Talmud:When the Holy One . . . wanted to bring a flood upon the world, He took two stars from Khima and brought a flood upon the world
Punta Killima, Bolivia is on Lake Titicaca, Kilima in Swahilli is Pleiades.
Could Tiwanaku in Sanskrit be: teja(teach)+van(possessing) nakhu (ship owner). 10 miles to Lake Titicaca.
Could Tiwanaku be in Sanskrit: tu (gold) ha (emotion:loss) naka (heavenly).
Muhu in Quechua is ‘seed’.
Lord Krishna married Bahula (Pleiades), note 7 nagas:, which is what Roggeveen & crew called Easter Islanders:Mayan: kan (snake) ek (star) – Pleiades tzab (rattle) ek.India – tara (star) nagar (snake) – star cityWuqub (7) Ajna is another name for one of the Hero Twins in the Mayan Popul Vuh.Mea Mea is red in Rapanuian.Icelandic – grioungr (7) szkir (arrives) mann (human).Will we find a door/gateway at newly discovered Cocha (lake) pata(shore). It is near Huyro Peru , Huro means door in Old Norse.Huro speak URU. Early Polynesians called themselves Urukehu, children of the first chiefs, Kehu in Polynesian mean red-hair.Old Norse – men (jewelry,treasure), hir (family, household,court).bansuri is Sanskrit for 7 note flute, is it a sound-alike to Pan suri (lord), antara in Sanskrit is hole/opening, antara in Andes is pan flute
Pan – Greek god of music plays a flute.does Skandinavia have origins in Sanskrit: Skanda, god of war.chihchem is Sami (Skandinavian) for seven, chichen itza has Pleiades conection.Kritika – Sanskrit for Pleiades, tika – Indian red dot on forehead (married ladies); Mars on the brain.Kritika – Sanskrit for Pleiades, tika – Indian red dot on forehead (married ladies); Mars on the brain.Kritika – Sanskrit for Pleiades, tika – Indian red dot on forehead (married ladies); Mars on the brain.Kritika also mother of God of War (?Mars) ie Skanda, Murugan.Karnika means long ear in Sanskrit.epe or taringa (ear) roa roa (long) in Rapanuian.Nabha (sky in Sanskrit).Fitu (Fatu) – seven & Iva – nine IslandRapaniu, pito (end, extremity, boundary), henua (land).Ra (the sun) pa(a type of fort) nui (great,grand).polynesian – fuamoa, huamoa – egg (or more specifically egg of the ?moa-i)Polynesian ura, kuwa for red – fitu, hitu for seven.ula – red, Hawaiian, hure – red, AinuQ’ellu Quechua for yellow (corn).Puka is Quechua word for red, puka-o is Easter Island topknot crown.Popo means heaping up or mounding earth in local Easter Island dialect.Qolqa (granary, storage, bring the corn in) is Incan name for the Pleiades.

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