Reports of Giant Burials

Reports of giants and giant burials/legends are everywhere. For me, the effort to delve into their history started about three years ago when I created a small database of 400 entries for Klaus Dona. It reaffirmed his conclusions about giant heights touched on in the below paragraphs.  I was then asked in October, 2013 by Jim Vieira to document primarily his, Ross Hamilton’s,  Hugh Newman and Micah Ewers’ years of research. Chris Lesley’s and Steven/Evan Strong’s (Australia) reports were added later. The data was placed in a Google Earth database.   It is a global collection of reports and is an ongoing update effort. Some interesting pictures and information are coming out of it.

In North America, it generally shows a giant skeleton height of  7-9 feet or 2.1-2.7 meters with an occasional 12-18 feet or 3.6-5.8 meters. I think there are different layers of time, pockets of giants involved in different heights.  Their hair color is red or black, skin is white. Anomalies like double row of teeth, horned, and other than 5 fingers/toes occur more so here.  There are even bird shaped skulls found in Illinois and Indiana USA. In demeanor, some giants are peaceful and some were cannibals.  Unusual circular burials (ie, skeletons as spokes of a wheel) occur in 8 US states. They were buried in mounds, caves, slab tombs and  gravel pits. Articles place giant remains to the 1800’s and beyond at an estimated 25,000 years.  A few are considered to be as old as 250,000 years. Many skeletons crumbled to dust upon being exposed to air. A handful were reburied and those not, were sent to museums, universities and the Smithsonian. Some smaller people (under 4 feet or 1.2 meters) were also recorded in the database.  A small number are present, adjacent to/nearby giant locations.  There are burial artifacts to both types of entities which includes many copper items.  Other objects are hieroglyphic tablets, pearls, implements and an unusual piece of jewelry (1 inch six pointed star with 13 small stars at each point with  full moon at center). There is a miscellaneous section with giant tools like axes, huge hand/foot prints, teeth.

When the data is viewed micro-size, the scatter pattern on the east coast of US through the Ohio valley resembles a butterfly (Orion-like) or an oxhide ingot.

micro ge usa

Below is a scatter pattern for the US/Mexico:

all with legend 090417

Same photo of the US with mostly same icon used

all with lkegend tan people icon 0070318 B

Rest of giant sites in North/Central/South America. These maps are evolving.


canada giants map 070718

Mexico/Central America:

mexico central america map 070718

South America, mostly Ecuador/Peru//Bolivia:

south america map 070718

In Europe, parts of Asia we find skeletons in the range of 7-25  feet or 2.1-7.6 meters, somewhat taller than their US counterparts. One example is a heel bone from Ecuador’s ‘Cemetery of the Giants’ which is 5 times larger than a normal human heel bone. This object was in the collection of Father Carlos Vaca and was brought to light by Klaus Dona via Vaca’s relatives. Their hair is red. Anomalies like 6 digits were present. Their implements are made of flint and brass, ornaments are primarily gold. Country giant legends abound. Miscellaneous include subtle/thought provoking molded huge and tiny stairs at Sacsayhuaman fortress which is above Cusco, Peru.  Skeleton timeline stretches back from modern times to estimated 43,000 years ago. The proliferation of giant locations in the UK and Americas may suggest a seafaring connection but it is too soon to make assumptions. It might be due to good reporting and found sites.  Below is their scatter pattern:


Here is a map of the USA anomalies.

anomalies 090317



Here is a USA map of giant’s burial in a wheel pattern (ie. skeleton arranged like spokes of a wheel). At least one burial (Iowa) was grouped around a large sea shell which may indicate a past connection to Florida/Bahamas/Jamaica. I feel a wheel in Apalachicola, Florida is very important as there were multiple circle below personage (shades of Chahta who was a legendary native American chief in the South from Alabama to Tennessee USA). May be more wheels to be uncovered.

wheel map090717




Here is a map of copper artifacts distribution in giant burials USA.

copper map090317


This is a chart showing giant height distributionn in the US.. There are appoximately 500 records is this sample ie. where feet was actually named in the research report.

meta-chart (6)


Here is a map of elongated skull placement in the US (so far)., preliminary..


elongated skulls 091718

Very preliminary map of elongated skulls in UK long barrows (Maria Wheatley’s research)


elongated skulls uk 090618 mw

Giant writing/hieroglyphs


writin map 091317B



writing legend1

writing legend2

writing legend3 blank

writing llegend 4 blank



writing llegend 5 blank


Use of red ochre in burial

red paint map 092017


Here is an evolving map of the Australian entities with new skull discoveries.

australia map 061318

steven evan strong new discoveries

Here is the Armenian map, tombs confirming giant burials.

armenia map 062118

A special thank you to Dan Kristensen who put together the Swedish giant map placements and  this country legends , Utahna Jessop who contributed to the strange writting and Utah maps, Marcia K Moore and Heather L Arnold with the elongated skull map, Anne Tittensor-Newton for the Armenian map placements and Julie Ryder  with the 6 digit petroglyph/skeletons map.

As a postscript, a new novel by David Brody, “The Oath of Nimrod” will feature the USA map. A Hugh Newman map version by state/region will appear in the gazeteer of “Giants on Record” new book published Oct. 13, 2015. I had a small hand in creating those maps. There is a third (in the works) book by Ross Hamilton, “A Tradition of Giants” that will have most of the maps in this blog.

For my Facebook timeline, collages, notes, photos, other questions, I can be found on:


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11 Responses to Reports of Giant Burials

  1. Todd Ronning says:

    Is the actual Google Earth file (.kml/.kmz) posted somewhere?

    • cahwp00 says:

      no Todd, the actual .KMZ file is being maintained by Micah Ewers AKA
      Facebook: MicahEGiantology. we hope for a future networked version of this new database.

  2. Laura Renfro says:

    Most of My family is from around the Ohio Valley. Has there been any genetic testing of Nephelium for Dna. Most of the men and women in my family are tall. My sons are 6’7″. I am a dental hygienist and even are teeth are unique in a large Oreo. My son had 6 wisdom teeth.

  3. Simon says:

    Hi Cee. My name is Simon and I’m wondering how or from whom I could get permission to publish some of the maps you’ve created. Thank you in advance. Sincerely

  4. Simon says:

    Thank you, I appreciate it very much. I would gladly contact Hugh Newman in that regard if I would have his email address.
    There is very curious pattern in your maps. Majority of the burials were discovered in US and Mexico. Canada from other hand has very few accounts of giant burials. Is it lack of any information in Canadian sources? Secondly, can all these remains be considered as peacefully buried or there are mounds with traces of catastrophic events among them?

  5. cahwp00 says:

    As Hugh is a public figure, I don’t wish to give out his email address but you can contact him on Facebook = The reason I ask is that you contact him is I did the Google Earth data for them, ie Hugh, Jim Vieira, Ross Hamilton. Those that have published my maps are either them or close colleages. As to Canada lacking data, I can not answer that question, maybe or not. A lot of bones have crumbled to dust and there were few re-buried, IF you give me a Facebook account or email for yourself, I can give you a map that shows giant burials 12000 years ago (about the time of the Canadian comet impact and subsequent glacier ice floods).
    These efforts are a work in progress as I go through updating records.

  6. Simon says:

    Here is my email address:
    Thank you very much

  7. Any news on the maps being somewhere where they can be viewed in a larger format; INTERACTIVE maps,even? Like, for instance, being able to zoom in on Connecticut to see locations within the state. Thanks

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