egypt/northamerica connections

Was the image of Nephthys and Isis preparing Ra: eyeing Egypt’s possessions/colonies (copper mining) in North America USA.

Some North America features make an Nephthys’ face with:

. glacial ice sheet = white cotton wig/old knowledge
. Great Lakes = the red headband (copper deposits), brow (Lake Ontario), and eye (Lake Erie)
. the part of MD US that juts out into the Atlantic (unbroken by Chesapeake Bay formation) = nose
. Virginia Beach VA US = lips
. Cape Hatteras, NC US = chin
. SC, GA, FL US = neck
. ?Atlantis/Yucatan = jewelry collar on neck
. the Atlantic Ocean = pool of water at feet

These features are still there (except ice sheet) but are skewed off by passage of time and ice sheet spead, maybe 11.000-18,000 years ago. The image of Nephthys facing her twin Isis is in Zahi Hawass’ book, “Valley of the Golden Mummies” and on a panel in Valley of the Queens, Nefertari ‘s tomb.

Nephthys and Isis prepare Ra in Mummification

with permission from Mayra (Flickr photos)


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worked for many years at USDA. love ancient civilizations-puzzles, etc.
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